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Hull City of Culture 2017: Colours of Freedom

Hull City of Culture 2017: Colours of Freedom

The Colours of Music Orchestra performed the Colours of Freedom at the Riverside Theatre at Hull College as part of Hull City of Culture 2017. Pupils from Ganton, Northcott, Federick Holmes and Tweendykes worked together with the help from the Rhythm Pixies to create a magical musical performance based on poems written by the pupils of the schools. The poems where inspired by their thoughts about freedom and enhanced by the use of song, art and soundscapes. It was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. The pupils where all engaged and had a great time being part of the project and being behind the scenes developing the Colours of Freedom! All the pupils had an input in the production of the performance and where artistically involved in the design of the promotion, performance props and poems booklet.

Thank you to all the pupils and staff from all the schools involved, to musicians Gary Hammond, David Barton, Donna Smith, DJ Chile, poet Cassandra Parkin and artists Liz Dees and filmmaker My Pockets.

Debra Stephenson, our patron on the collection of poems written by the pupils:

“It really is a joy to read these delightful poems… here, they themselves are allowed to reflect and express that through the written word. It’s a privilege to be able to share in their experiences and to take a glimpse into their lives and discover that often it’s the simple things that are so important to people’s happiness. I’ve always loved the distant sound of kids playing in a school playground. To me, it’s the sound of pure joy… and is the literary equivalent of that. I hope that it will put a smile on your face too!”

Colours of Freedom animation created by Peter Snelling at My Pockets

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