Our Projects

Freedom Festival

Spinoff Productions has been actively involved with the Hull Freedom Festival over the last four years. We began with performance of Cat in Hat in 2010, following year we delivered a play about Circus Life. In 2012 we delivered a performance of Odd Socks the Scarecrow. Since 2012, we have taken lead on arranging the entertainment for the festival. We […]

Tin Soldier

The performance, which was sponsored by the Art Council was  to produce a bespoke version of the Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson to specifically appeal to children with special needs.  This involved designing a set and props that will allow special needs children to interact, join in, and overcome their learning difficulties by arousing their interest. The play toured Yorkshire […]

New Beginnings

Honor Pallant was keen to link various creative elements into a package that contained original stories, a creative artist and a musician. The project showed how these diverse arts could be used to interpret a story. Spinoff delivered workshops with the children that encouraged them to write their own stories. […]

Colours of Music 2013

The Colours of Music Orchestra was formed by Honor Pallant and Hull City Arts Department after a presentation at Hull Truck Theatre called The Colours of Music.  After seeing how well the young people reacted to the musical side of the project, we decided to form an orchestra called the Colours of Music.

For the 2013, we invited 3 artists Gary […]

Story Lab

Spinoff were approached to deliver a project to encourage more young people to join The National Reading Challenge .The Story Lab theme was based around the 2012 Olympics and in conjunction with Hull Library Service, we asked children to answer a quiz question and if it was correct, they received a prize.  This story lab project was very successful, engaging […]

Funny Bones

This well known book was performed as part of the Humber Mouth Festival . This again was a project to encourage a love of reading, enabling those children who need extra support to engage and lose themselves in a world of stories. When shown at the Freedom Festival during the same year, this proved to be a very popular and […]

Mysteries of the Jigsaw

Jigsaw Puzzle was a 2013 Humbermouth commission aimed at children under 10 and their families. Featuring a large jigsaw, participants are invited to join the storyteller in fitting the pieces together and solving the mystery. The young people are taken on a journey with our intrepid explorer to recover the pieces of the jigsaw, which are scattered around the jungle […]