A Child of War

A Child of War

Project Description

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A Child of War was commissioned as part of the Untold Stories Hull Project funded by Hull City Council Library and Roots & Wings.

The project tells the untold story of Jean Willerton and her evacuation from war torn Hull during the Second World War. The story has original and popular music of the period.

The story covers Jean’s three evacuations and her experiences as a Child of War. We have also been performing in schools in Hull.

Lesley from Stockwell Academy:

“Took me back to the days of listening to my parents and grandparents talking about the war”

Kim from Kingswood Academy:

“Told through the experience of an evacuee made it more personal. Good pace to keep the students attention. Enjoyed the local aspect of war”

Miss Walker from Boulevard Academy:

“It was personal to Hull and students could relate – they were interested in the unusual facts”